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Stuck at the starting line with a business idea? Take a breath—you're exactly where you need to be. We specialize in building businesses from the ground up as well as giving older websites a fresh, dynamic edge. Let's shape your vision into reality, together.

What's included?

1. Custom Logo

We will design/handmake a custom logo for your business. You will be given Full Licensing Rights. That means you can put it on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers... You get it! No matter what you want to put your logo on, it will be yours to do so as you, please!

2: Custom Website

You will get a Polished Premier-looking website, similar to our Prairie Media Website! No matter what your business type is, people will see your website & think,

"Wow, their website is awesome, they must be legit!" 


Click the button below to see some Website Examples!

3. Custom Business Email

It's 2023, anyone that owns a business should not have an @gmail, @yahoo, @icloud, etc.. For their companies email.

We will get you set up with multiple emails. Atleast one for you & another for info/business inquiries.


Per example:

Having a separate email for info/help is a must for running a small business. It keeps general inquiries out of your main inbox, that way your official clients can reach you easier. Depending on your company, you can even have a secretary monitoring your info/help email. Or if it's just you, have it signed in separately on your phone or computer to stay organized!

4. Creating all Required Social Media Pages/Accounts

We will create all Social Media Pages and/or Accounts for your business. I.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc.

5. Custom Graphics

We will design multiple Graphics for your business! These are usually Promo/Ads. Basically online fliers!

Graphics Example:

6. Teach you how to Create/Manage future posts, & Fully Automate your Social Media

Speaking of Graphics, you will be able to re-use them as many times as you'd like! We will schedule the Graphics to post automatically on your socials, and teach you how to edit/delete/add new posts! You can even have seasonal ones re-post themselves once a year! Don't worry or stress about this part, we will make sure you're fully comfortable & knowledgeable by the time everything is completed! And we will always help you out if you have any issues/questions!

7. Help you Register your Business name with your State

We will help you Register your new Business name with your State! You will be considered a Sole Proprietor of your business at first; however, we will help you get an LLC filled out & Filed soon after!

8. Help you with the LLC Process

Once your business name has been registered with the State. We will schedule a day to get your LLC set up! We can either meet up in Downtown OKC, & get everything knocked out right then, or we will help you fill out the Forms & get them mailed off! Whatever works easiest for you!

9. Custom Business Card Design + 1000 Prints

Congratulations! Your company is now officially an LLC & Registered with your State! What's next? Professional Business Cards!! By the time we get finished with your business card design, you're gonna be stunned at how professional and "Real" your new business feels! We're also including 1000 Prints, of them, so you don't have to worry about the first batch!

10. Video Advertisement + Professional Business Photography

Your business is basically complete! The last thing we need to do is get you an amazing video ad/trailer for your company, as well as some Professional Photos! Luckily Photography & Film is where we SHINE! Once we finish shooting & editing, you're gonna be amazed at how easy this entire process was!

If you're interested in this service. Please fill out the "Get a Quote" below, and we will get in touch with you!

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