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Prairie Business

We aren't just Photographers/Documentarians. Prairie Media is a Full-Service Media Company!

This includes Logo, Web Design, Small Business Startup Help, & so much more!


Small Business Startup

Are you wanting to start a Small Business but don't know where to begin? Let us help take some of the stress & anxiety away!

We have helped many others before you build a company from scratch! We make it super easy & streamlined! All you have to do is sit back and relax, while we get all the beefy grunt work out of the way!

Click Lift-Off below to learn more!


Logo Design

Tyler's our Graphic Designer & has designed/hand-drawn many custom logo's over the years!

Click the button below to see some of our favorites!


 Social Media Management

Do you own a Business that has little to no Social Media Presence?


Are you needing someone to teach you how to get more interaction with posts, and maybe some custom Graphics for certain Products and/or Services?

We can help with that & teach you how to be self-sufficient, no matter your age or technology skill level!

Send us an email & let's discuss your options!


Web Design

Does your Business need a Website?


Are you a fan of our Website?

If so, we're pleased to tell you we built this website & many others! Logan & Tyler have been building & managing websites for many years, even before Prairie Media was Founded!

Click the button below to see our most recent Builds!

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