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Prairie Logos

Miss Aspen's Mercantile

This logo is close to Logan's heart! 

After Logan & his older brother Colton graduated from HS. Logan's Mama decided to go back to College & finish her degree! After graduation, she decided to open up a Country Store/Restaraunt! And named it after her youngest child Aspen. (Who also helps run it.)

Miss Aspens.jpg

Nobody could have foreseen how big her brand was going to get.....

Miss Aspen's Mercantile has become a staple of Gore, Oklahoma! If you haven't heard of it, or worse have and still haven't eaten there...  You are missing out big time! She's famous for her Signature Arson Burger & Spicy Peanut Butter Chicken Chunks! (They're amazing & taste wayyy better than they sound!)

If you're ever in Gore, be sure to stop in and tell them Logan & Tyler sent you!

Robinwood Monuments

Tyler's father owns a small monument company and was needing a logo made! What's wild about this logo imparticular, is the "RW" is from a cattle brand owned by Tyler's Great Grandfather

(Formally known as Robinwood Farms)


Here's the kicker, the actual brand along with all other remnants was lost over time. However, his father had one keepsake glass he'd been saving for YEARS. Tyler was able to Digitally Scan the glass, & bring the "brand" back to life. Sadly the glass broke a few weeks after he scanned it, but no worries at all because we now have an Original Version of the RW!

RobinWood Monuments.jpg
Camp Pawliday.jpg

Camp Paw-liday

Tyler's brother Isaac & his wife conner came to Tyler after purchasing some property in Chandler, Oklahoma (where Prairie Media happens to be based). They'd always had a hard time finding a Kennel around Lincoln County that could house their Pups when they'd leave out of town. So they decided to fix that! 

We present you with Camp Paw-liday!!! It's an awesome Kennel with amazing rates!! If you live around these parts or know someone needing to board a dog, check them out! Your pups are gonna love it!!

Scott Auto Welding & Construction

This logo we made for our buddy Dylon Scott! He had commissioned a few logos on Fifiverr, but nobody could nail down what he was wanting. That is until Tyler came along &took a shot at it! Needless to say Dylon couldn't be more happier!

Scott Welding.jpg

Brown's Family Funeral Home

Another Business owned by Tyler's brother Isaac is "Brown's Family Funeral Home". Most people around Lincoln County and surrounding areas know the name Brown's because they are one of the best Funeral Homes around! Tyler & his brothers grew up learning the trade from their father Tom Brown, who eventually decided to give up the family business and just sell monuments (Robinwood Monuments) in his retired years. When Isaac decided to open up his own Funeral Home he was in need of a new logo & Tyler created this Masterpiece!

Browns Family.jpg

Ever since I moved to Lincoln County, there's one thing that never fails to amaze me. You'd think it's how many talents Tyler has, but no... It's how many people know of  "The Tyler Brown"


It doesn't matter if I'm at an Event, Walmart, or Jack's Gas Station. We ALWAYS run into someone that knows Tyler. And every time it's one of Four things.

1. They went to School Together.

2. His Family buried one of their Family Members (Tyler's family owns a Funeral Home).

3. They went to Church Together.

4. At one point he did some sort of obscure project for said person.

To say he's a man of many Talents is an understatement. With that being said, I still give Tyler a run for his money when it comes to Cinematography & Video Editing, but he runs circles around me with his Logo Designs ;)

- Logan

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