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Erika Jo

Collaborative Visual Artist & Storyteller

(580) 591-1430

In November 2023, at the wedding of Mary Lane & Emily, we were fortunate to cross paths with Erika Jo, the creative force behind Hypsy Jo Photography LLC. Her work instantly stood out, marking the beginning of our collaboration. As we transitioned our focus towards videography, the need for a skilled photographer who could take on significant responsibilities became apparent. Erika, with her unparalleled talent in color-realistic editing, exceptional framing, and knack for capturing candid moments, was the ideal choice for our photography needs.

Logan was particularly struck by Erika's artistic flair, recognizing that her unique approach was exactly what we needed to complement our videography services. Erika has made a significant impact in the OKC/Edmond area and across the state, known for her distinctive style and commitment to her craft. To witness the beauty of her work firsthand, visit Hypsy Jo Photography LLC’s website or Facebook page. Our collaboration with Erika enhances our projects, bringing together the best of videography and photography to create unforgettable memories.

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Erika Jo
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