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Logan Saunders

Chief Visual Officer (CVO)


With a natural knack for creativity and a discerning eye, I bring over 15 years of experience in the media industry, capturing breathtaking visuals and crafting compelling narratives. Whether behind the camera or in the editing suite, my meticulous attention to detail transforms raw footage into captivating masterpieces.

My journey in visual storytelling is deeply rooted in my upbringing in a portrait studio, where at the age of 4, I developed my first film photo. Growing up surrounded by the art of photography, I gained an early and intimate exposure to visual expression. This unique childhood experience, combined with my leadership roles from managing shifts at Sonic at 17 to excelling in government auditing in my early 20's, has finely tuned my skills in team management and meticulous attention to detail. These diverse experiences have been pivotal in shaping my approach to media production.

Sound design is my secret weapon, creating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. I leverage the power of audio to craft soundscapes that enhance emotions, infusing each project with a distinctive sonic signature.

In web development, I blend style with functionality, creating stunning websites that capture attention and drive business success. Having started coding and designing websites at age 12, I've honed my skills in creating user-friendly and visually appealing sites. My approach focuses on crafting engaging and intuitive online experiences that look great and work smoothly across all devices.

With a blend of professionalism and a cool, creative edge, I am the go-to expert for top-notch media production, web development, and business support services. My diverse background, from competitive skating to corporate and creative roles, informs my unique perspective in the industry. Entrust your vision to me, and together, we'll create extraordinary experiences that elevate your brand.

Logan Saunders
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